Are you a cat lover? Do you know about an awesome breed of pixie bob kittens? If no, then this article will surely explain you every single detail of the pixie bob breed.

Let’s learn about the history of pixie bob kittens:

The pixie bob kittens are not easily ignorable breed. They are so beautiful that one can’t even judge at first sight that they are domestic cats. People who have these kittens are familiar with their feline striking good looks and smartness.

They are mostly recognized for their learning capability. The pixie bob kittens are very quick learners. They learn different tricks quickly and easily.

Origin of pixie bob kittens?

This breed is called as Pixie-bob or Pixiebob. Firstly they were developed by “Carol Ann Brewer” who was a feline breeder in 1987. The pixie bob kittens were first recognized by TICA (The international cat association) in 1994.

The first pixie-bob cat won the championship by TICA in 1998. Pixie-bob got its name from its distinctive wild looks. They exactly look like a wild bobcat on the prowl.

Even debate continued for many years that pixie-bob kittens have some genetic relationship with the wild bobcat, which was proved wrong after DNA test.


Characteristics of Pixie-bob kittens:

Comparing pixie-bob kittens with other domestic feline breeds you will come to know that pixie-bob have quite distinctive characteristics.The pixie bob kittens are different from kittens like ,balinese kittens and siberian kitten.

The most noticeable characteristic in them is that may be born with 7 toes on each foot. Where most cats have 4-5 toes on each foot.

We can say that pixie-bob are polydactyl. They also have extra large paws so that, they can accommodate their extra toes.

Most of the pixie-bob kittens have little furry tail, while other domestic cats have long furry tails.


Coat of pixie-bob kittens:

Even short hair pixie-bob kittens have a lush and plush coat. Short hair pixie bob kittens have the lion-like ruff around the neck. In case of long hair pixie-bob kittens, they don’t have the ruff around the neck. Their hair length is medium size.

The hair length can be a maximum of 2 inches. They have tawny cat color and broken black stripes on them, which is the reason they look like domestic cats at first sight.

The appearance of pixie bob kittens:

If we will talk about the appearance of pixie bobkittens. They have pear-shaped fur that can be enhanced by the fluffy muttonchops and will extend below the lower jaw-line.
They are muscular athletic kittens with a filled body having solid limbs.

Their coat color can vary. They have alternating bands on their body which are burnt orange and reddish-brown contrasting with darker grey or black bands.

Some of them have the classic tabby marking. Coming towards their eyes colors, their eyes can range from golden to brown to green. Their eye’s shape is triangular and deep having set of a furry brow.

pixie bob kittens

Size of pixie bob kittens:

Pixie-bob kittens can go quite large in size. Adults in this breed reach the medium size. Because of their fur size, they look larger than their actual size.

Their weight ranges from eight to eighteen pounds which are 3.6 to 8kg. Mostly male cats are heavier than female. This breed takes 3-4 years to become mature.

One day you will wake up and realize that your kitten is grown up now and is mature.

The Personality of pixie-bob kittens:

Pixie-bob kittens are one of the smartest breeds. They are social and friendly nature breed that is why sometimes they are called the dog like personality.

Even they play the game of fetch. Your pixie-bob kittens will try to be pretty just to get your attention. They will use chirps and chatters instead of “meow” to get your attention.


The Behavior of pixie bob kittens with children:

According to most of the breeders, pixie bob kittens is the most recommended kittens for children’s pets. The breed is very playful and loyal. Often they act as a watchdog for families. Their behavior is quite similar to that of ragdoll kittens and persian kitties.

As they have friendly nature so you can even keep them with dogs.

The most interesting thing about them is that they love water while usually, cats hate water. Their love for water is at its peak that even they can jump into your swimming pool or go to your bath.

The health of pixie bob kittens:

Overall the breed is considered a healthy one. The most important thing for their health is weekly grooming. Whether your pixie bob kittens have long fur or short.

You need to be careful about their fur to keep it safe from ticks and mat-free. You need to groom them twice a week.


Genetics of pixie bob kittens (tailless kittens):

Gene mutation that causes short tail or no tail is dominant in them. Only one of the parent cats needs to transfer this in order for the kittens to be born tailless.

This gene also causes the changes in the spinal cord. When this gene causes the damage to the lower spine. The diseases are called a Manx syndrome.

Megacolon in tailless kittens:

Megacolon is also inherited health issue that can cause from spinal malformation. This condition causes chronic constipation because colon doesn’t receive sufficient stimulation from the nerves to get signal when the waste matter needs to be passed.


The Lifespan of pixie bob kittens:

Glad to tell that the cat has a long life. They can live for 17-18 years which is a good lifespan as compared to other cats.

To live maximum life the cat needs love, care, attention, fresh water, clean liter system especially liter box.

pixie bob kittens

Cost of pixie bob kittens:

Their prices directly depend on their category color and gender.Your award-winning kitten may cost $1000. The “pet quality” kittens cost $500 or more. “pet quality” kittens are those that breeder don’t prefer to breed.

Everyone cannot afford pixie bob kittens. The other option is to rescue the pixie-bob kittens or cats that need the home.