Are you a Cat lover? If you are a cat lover then this blog is heaven for you. Here in this article, you will know everything about the ragdoll kittens.

What Everyone Must Know About History ragdoll kittens

According to the history of ragdoll, this breed is different from the breed of other cats.

The origin of this at California and bred in the year of 1960 by Ann Baker. Baker matted angora Persian cat having a Himalayan coat pattern with Birman sire male.

This mating resulted in a beautiful breed of Ragdoll that is friendly and calm nature cats. Baker knew the importance of these beautiful kittens so she bred them very carefully.

After that no other Burmese, Birman or Persian cats were matted so this breed is only available in the descendants of Josephine which was the female cat in matting.

The behavior of Ragdoll Kittens:

Ragdoll cat is company loving breed and on the other hand, they are also independent. The ragdoll cat is not much demanding in nature.

Their voice and nature is very soft. We can listen a quite meow from their mouths.

They have calm nature due to which they are considered as excellent pets. Ragdolls are very playful and joyful, they often jump around.

They don’t like to go on heights and like to stay at ground level. Ragdolls are easy going cats. They are intelligent and can be easily trained.

There is also the reason behind their name Ragdoll which is their ability to flop and relaxed when anyone picks them.

They are also known as a master of relaxation they love to be with you if not in your hand then curling up in your bed.

The personality of Ragdoll kittens:

The personality of ragdoll is very tolerant but you need to notice that, at what they became happy and playful and what things make them boring and angry Sometimes they also need some space and needed to stay alone and to rest.

Temperament of kittens:

Ragdoll is known because of their friendly and devoted nature towards their family. They are tolerant of children and other animals.

They even allow the children to dress them up, left them up and allow them to push them down in bags.

But as every cat has some limits they also have so, if they are tolerating then it does not mean they are enjoying or happy.

Characteristics of kittens:

The eyes of all ragdoll kittens are oval and blue. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat.

Their fur is silky and soft by nature and maybe they resemble with fur of a rabbit. When their fur is in the medium stage it looks so fluffy. Their

necks are mostly covered with ruff and fluffy furs. They are one of the big cats so kittens are also big. Their size looks bigger because of their fluffy fur.

Size of Ragdoll Kittens:

The sizes of Ragdolls are most notable and up to some extent an attractive feature. This is one of the reasons, humans love them.

Their physic turn out to be heavy compared to other cats.The heaviest and giant cat weights up to 25 pounds.

The average weight of ragdoll cats is 10-20 pounds. Their females are usually lighter in weight as compared to male.

Colors of Ragdoll Kittens:

All Ragdoll cats had the same white color at their birth and remain white until they age up to 10 years. At the age of 10 years, their color starts developing into different colors.

Their body color is different from their tips and legs, face and ears are darker than their body like Siamese cat has.

There are three basic colors in which these kittens are available

  • Seal Ragdoll
  • Ragdoll Blue
  • Chocolate Ragdoll

These are the basic colors of Ragdolls. They are also available in many different colors like Lilac Ragdoll, Red Ragdoll, Cream Ragdoll.

Their pattern of fur can be in two patterns tortoiseshell , lynx. Lynx Ragdolls have tabby pattern of their face but tortoiseshell can have any color.

In Ragdolls colors of their coats don’t describe their breed so we can say that their breed is regardless of their color.

Other Ragdolls colors that are known are

  • Ragdoll Colorpoint:

A colorpoint ragdoll looks like Siamese cats with point colored mask nose, feet, and ears and they don’t have any white color in their body

  • Mitted Ragdoll:

They are like colorpoints one, except their front feet is colored white like mittens and their back legs have white boots. Their chest, stomach, and neck are also white.

  • Bicolor Ragdoll:

This type have point colored ears and tail with white colored stomach, neck, and boots but their nose and paws have pa ink color.

Grooming of Ragdoll:

The kittens need grooming at least twice a week so their fur remains clean and soft. Use gentle soft strokes to make them happy and relaxed.

Start grooming them when they are just kittens so they get used to it.

Ragdolls sheds or not?

Ragdolls cats are prolific shedders so they lose their fur. The funny thing is that their hair will stick to your everything like clothes, beds and sofas.

Keep a vacuum cleaner at home for cleaning their living and surrounding area.

Taking Care of kittens:

To prevent your kittens from infection, hair allergies you really need their grooming.

Moreover, care about their cleanliness. Be careful about their litter box. Make sure you clean their litter box on regular basis.

You need to clean their fur because every long hair cat’s fur is badly affected by their litter tray.

Use damp cotton wool or wet wipe and dab gently to clean their fur. Some of Ragdoll kittens are comfortable with bathing twice a week, but many of them don’t appreciate giving them a bath so try to make them clean and keep them away from dusty places.

Feeding of Kittens:

If you want your kittens healthy then you should be careful about their diet.

If they are large in size then they will eat more than average quantity. You should be careful about the water they drink so always provide them with fresh water and give them food that is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates.

Both wet and dried food is fine. But choose food on the basis of balanced nutrients. You need to keep in your mind that cats are carnivores so the diet rich in wheat will not be good for them.

The health of Kittens:

Ragdoll breed remains healthy. They can get infected by genetic health conditions including;

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

This is a genetic disease. Before buying a kitten make sure that its parent’s DNA is tested and cleared. Ensure that your kitten will not suffer from this diseases.

  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease that occurs worldwide in wild and domestic cats. It is caused by a type of virus called a coronavirus. The virus tends to attack the cells of the intestinal wall.

Make sure before buying a kitten that it is not affected by this infectious disease.

Age period of Ragdoll Kitten:

Maximum life span: 17 years

Average life span: 12 to 17 years

Adulthood age: 12 years

Price of Ragdoll Kittens:

There is a gap between the no of ragdoll kittens and then.o of people who want it. Due to this factor, the ragdoll cats are available in premium prices.

A normal and healthy cat can cost from $400 to $500.The show cats have a high price they can cost you $1000 or more.